Social Adj. “relating to society or its organization”

Nous Noun. “common sense or intellect”

Originating in St. Paul, MN, we aim to define ourselves through the sounds we produce. With influences ranging from Zeppelin and Floyd to Radiohead and the Gorillaz, our music uniquely encompasses aspects stemmed from many different genres. Each member adding a distinct ingredient makes it fun for us to not only play together as a whole, but also listen as individuals. We don’t shy away from dissimilarity, we embrace it. To us, that is Social Nous.

Who is Social Nous?

Griffin Roseland – Bass

Griffin grew up in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Ever since a young age Griffin has embraced his unique approach and understanding of the world. Once introduced to music, there was no turning back. With over 8 years of training on both bass and electric guitar, Griffin brings a style to the low-end of Social Nous very few have seen before. Writing intricate songs referencing his favorite psychedelic influences, Griffin expands the way the band looks at music. His constantly moving bass lines, and aspiration for all things EDM make him the perfect fit to the experimental group.

Sawyer Unzelman – Lead Guitar/Vocals

From small town Becker, MN emerged the next Bob Dylan of song writing. As the main lyricist of Social Nous, Sawyer has found a way to show his perspective on life through commentary on society, culture, and politics. Taking a couple years of lessons to get him started, Sawyer has been reinventing both the design and the way we play the electric guitar. His clothes suggest he’s been plucked out of the 70’s but his playing is something of the future.

Mac Kuschel – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Mac was born in Edina, Minnesota. His love for music came when he moved to Tashkent, Uzbekistan with his family at the age of 12. Growing up in an international community, Mac has learned to use music as a form of understanding the foreign life around him. Mac has been trained on voice and guitar for roughly 5 years. He has gained a great appreciation for all genres and utilizes aspects of each to create a unique playing and writing style for Social Nous.


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